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Cartridges Manufactory Ltd.This article is about production technology and quality control of a cartridge. Cartridge loading process and quality of components are controlled by visual inspection and with an automatic assembly line.

Cartridges Manufactory Ltd. has a computerized measuring system "Stas" of Swiss-Italian production at its disposal. Parameters of the cartridge are controlled with the help of this system.

All components of the cartridge are carefully chosen before the launching of a particular cartridge to a batch. Then several cartridges are previously equipped with different powder weights by hand in accordance with the recommendations of powder producers and our own experience.

They are tested on the measuring system. Analyzing the results, a technologist selects cartridges with optimal parameters. In case of unsatisfactory results, this procedure is repeated.

Thereafter, the setting of the assembly line is made: powder, shot, wad feeders, monitoring sensors, and the height of the cartridge is selected. The first cartridges are taken away and their retesting on the measuring system is repeated after the test launching of the assembly line.

If results are positive, the decision concerning the launching of the assembly line will be made. In case of unsatisfactory results, necessary allowances are made and testing procedure is repeated.

At the beginning of each shift we perform current check tests in the process of the batch production. After production of 2500-3000 cartidges the QCD (Quality Control Dep.) produces control weighting of powder and shot weight, also checks compliance of produced cartridges with control samples at regular intervals.

When the batch is closed, acceptance tests are performed at Testing and Control Station of Tulsky Patronny Zavod.

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